This Holiday Season make the choice and stop the cycle…Stop Domestic Violence

Written by admin   // December 30, 2010   // 0 Comments

by Antonia A. Vann, Asha Family Services, Inc.

Domestic Violence is learned behaviors through a combination of processes, usually from the family of origin.  It is learned via observation, experience, exposure, reinforcement, culture, family and community.  Abusers must perceive that they can get away with it, so to enact abuse without negative consequences provides the opportunity. Violent and abusive individuals make a conscious choice to abuse based on a combination of social and psychological factors.

Domestic violence predicated by substance abuse, genetics, stress, illness, and problems in the relationship, could be contributing factors often used as excuses but definitely can exacerbate violent behaviors/tendencies.   Many abusers believe they have the right to make, enforce and arbitrarily change rules and many victims routinely evaluate which rules they will follow depending on a variety of factors, such as the dangers presented, the available intervention and the likelihood of punishment to the perpetrator.

Have  A Safe Holiday Season !

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