Time to make a choice

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by Deborah Mathis–BlackAmericaWeb.com

The Republican Party has done us a favor this year by drawing a line in the sand so deep that you can see it from any angle, never having to worry about losing your way.

Nakedly intimidated by the Tea Party movement and its generalized anger at established powers – whether politicians, policies or agencies – the GOP has declared war on individual needs in favor of corporate and institutional privilege. In answer to the questionable cry, “I want my country back,” the Republicans are vowing to give more and more goodies to those who have most of them to begin with.

This would be in direct contrast to the equalization of opportunity that the Obama administration has attempted – the kinds of policies that the president’s opponents falsely, furiously and repeatedly blast as “socialism.”

A Republican takeover on Capitol Hill foretells the corporatization of the country. To please big business and industry, which abhor regulations and laws that won’t let them exploit their customers for the sake of profits, the Republican Tea Party would roll back financial reforms, abolish progressive programs, scuttle environmental protections and hold a sink-or-swim attitude toward anyone who is struggling to reach the American Dream. If you’re not there already – if you need help to get there – oh, well.

They have a conniption over the notion that a former felon who has served his time has his voting rights restored, but they think it’s great that a non-person has a right to swing an election by larding their pet candidates and causes’ coffers with huge amounts of money, for which they expect certain favors.

With even the highest court in the land in on the act, there are no more pretenses. Whether President Obama has a secret agenda may make for hot talk and speculation, but the Republican Tea Party leaves no doubt. There is clearly a plan afoot to give preference to those who already have privilege and power, and to hell with the little guy.

Minority status has not been a deterrent to obstinacy and disrepute among Republicans since Obama took office.

To them, a majority in either chamber will mean air superiority; a majority in both chambers will mean air supremacy, to use 1991 Gulf War terminology.

Should that happen, the casualties will stack up on the domestic front. Community development, student loans, jobs training programs, HBCU funding, public schools, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, unemployment insurance, the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts will all take a hit.

Usurious interest rates, exorbitant fees and penalties in credit card debt and other loans, defense spending, tax cuts for the rich, loopholes for outsourcers and insurance tyranny will be on the comeback. So will outsourced jobs, bans on class action lawsuits and tax base erosion in the inner cities.

The ordinary American will find the dreams of home ownership, college for the kids, reliable health care and retirement security even harder to attain and more expensive, while their rights to push back against wrongdoing companies will be lessened. If he reaches the dream state, there could be nice rewards. But woe unto he who does not.

For some reason, the president recently declared a strange faith: That, even if the GOP takes over come next January, he believes they will act responsibly and work with him on bipartisan measures to advance the country.

Based on the Republicans’ performance to date, our dear president is either naïve or delusional. Unless, by bipartisan, he means that he intends to cave in.

The choice on November 2 is not a toss-up. It is clear and distinct. The handwriting is on the wall, the ceiling and the floor.

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