Toles, Taylor critical of GOP lawmakers for increasing state’s deficit

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State Rep. Barbara Toles blasted the Republican controlled legislature for passing four of Gov. Scott Walker’s bills, saying it will add millions of dollars to Wisconsin’s deficit, do little to create jobs and continues to chip away at the safety net for the state’s most vulnerable citizens.

“Governor Walker’s first legislative initiatives betray his claim that he called this special session to address Wisconsin’s economic emergency of joblessness.

Instead of pushing legislation that has been proven to create immediate jobs, Toles says Walker’s administration pushed instead a tort reform bill that will make it more difficult for plaintiffs to recover damages from negligent nursing homes, home health care providers, and manufacturers of defective products.

“Senate Bill 1 does nothing to guarantee the creation of jobs in our communities, and explicitly places the interests of businesses and industries ahead of those of the hardworking men and women of Wisconsin.”

State Sen. Lena Taylor was critical of the actions taken by the Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee recently, accusing them of disregarding their own mandate to pay as you go, while continuing the deficit spending that has dominated the first 20 days of Republican rule.

Taylor said Special Session Bill 7 creates tax deductions for corporations, but does not include any oversight to ensure that jobs are being created and adds to the structural deficit by an estimated $33.5 million. That brings the grand total of the special session bills to $142 million in deficit spending.

“The GOP is acting like a drunken college kid who has his parents’ credit card. And within a few weeks, that credit card is maxed out.

“But someone’s got to pay that bill.  We, as a Legislature, need to act in a fiscally responsible way to make sure we’re not spending ourselves into a fiscal abyss.”

Taylor questioned why Walker and Republicans feel they can further the state’s debt without any accountability or oversight.

“This is more smoke and mirrors by the Republicans. Wisconsin does not need that; we need jobs and accountability.”

The senator believes the Republicans want to ram through these special session bills before Walker gives his State of the State address.

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