Tommy Thompson: Definitely NOT What We Need in the United States Senate

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What kind of person does the community need and deserve in the U.S. Senate? Who will represent our needs, our issues, and our interests? These are some of the critical questions we need to ask ourselves less than six weeks before the November 6 election for U.S. Senate.

There are two candidates running, and the facts are clear–one will fight for us on every issue, every step of the way; the other will not.

Take the issue of Medicare. Medicare is a very successful, highly popular program that provides health care to our seniors. Thousands and thousands and thousands of our grandmothers and grandfathers rely on it every day–including many in our community right her in Milwaukee.

Tammy Baldwin has always fought for Medicare, and in the U.S. Senate she will work tirelessly to strengthen and defend this great program. But Tommy Thompson, her opponent, has an entirely different view.

Because of his connections to the huge drug companies and powerful pharmaceutical special interests, Thompson says if elected to the U.S. Senate, he will repeal President Obama’s successful reforms that have improved Medicare coverage.

He actually wants to do away with one of Barack Obama’s greatest achievements.

Instead, Thompson wants to reopen gaps in coverage that Obama closed. This would line the pockets of big drug companies, and increase out of pocket costs for seniors—many on tight fixed incomes.

Thompson also backs an extreme, conservative plan to end Medicare as we know it, and supports a voucher program that makes seniors pay higher health care costs. And when he worked as a senior partner at a powerful DC lobbying firm, he worked to make Medicare more expensive for seniors–while swelling the profit margin for the tycoons running the big drug and pharmaceutical companies.

Thompson even cut a sweetheart deal with the big drug and pharmaceutical companies that cost taxpayers a staggering $156 billion. This unbelievable arrangement was made when he worked for George W. Bush, and it actually made it illegal for Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices for seniors.

Thompson received a number of perks for these big giveaways to the special interests. Documents show he earned at least $724,100 from the pharmaceutical industry after leaving the Busch administration.

This is part of the stunning $13 million Thompson raked in over the past few years as a partner at a powerful DC lobbying firm, leveraging his insider connections and friendships with the special interests to get rich.

It is this awful record on Medicare that Thompson brings to the race for U.S. Senate. That’s why it’s essential to answer some basic questions before you go to the polls on November 6. What kind of person does the community need an deserve in the U.S. Senate? Who will represent our needs, our issues, and our interests?

As his record on Medicare shows, it certainly isn’t Tommy Thompson. His history shows he’s NOT looking out for our grandparents, for our community, or for people in Milwaukee working hard to get by in these challenging times.









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