Transitional Jobs Project seeks qualified candidates who are ready and willing to work

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Policy Studies Inc. (PSI) is looking for unemployed people in Milwaukee to participate in Wisconsin’s Transitional Jobs Demonstration Project. This project focuses on creating jobs and building partnerships between local businesses and unemployed individuals. PSI helps participants gain new job skills and find work with partner employers throughout Milwaukee.

The program is a free employment service to qualifying adults who are ready and willing to work, and who meet the following requirements:

You are between 21 and 64 years of age.

Applicants 25 years and older MUST be the parent or primary caregiver of a child under 18 years old. (The child under 18 years old may be your own child or relative)

You have an annual income that is less than 150% of the federal poverty level. (Guidelines are based on household size.)

You have been unemployed for at least four calendar weeks prior to enrollment.

You are not eligible to receive W-2 or unemployment benefits.

Additionally, applicants must show the following documents to qualify and participate:

Proof of age (Birth certificate or valid drivers license)

Proof of Milwaukee residency (Utility bill or mail with your current Milwaukee address)

Proof of annual income (Paystubs, SSI, Food Share, TANF, etc.)

If you are between 25 and 64 years old, proof of parental or guardianship relationship with child under 18 years old. (Birth certificate, child support documents, court records, etc.)

Some comments from participants of the orientation include, “It was very informative and helpful and the people were very friendly”; “it helped me a lot with my confidence, not only with job search but with life” and “I truly believe that everyone got something from it that we will be able to use for the rest of our lives.”

For more information, please contact: Cindy Bendix, Transitional Jobs Case Manager at 414-465-5324 or Melinda Grulke, Transitional Jobs Case Manager at 414-760-5249

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