TRIO programs at UWM get students of all ages ready for college

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by Michael R. Lovell, Chancellor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

September is traditionally thought to be the back-to-school month. The reality at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is that we are looking to get individuals of all ages back to school throughout the year. Playing an important role in this constant effort is our Office of TRIO and Precollege Programs.

You can learn a lot about an organization by reading its mission statement, and that is certainly true for TRIO at UWM. Its mission statement reads:

We are committed to providing educational access and opportunities to individuals and families without regard to gender, ethnicity, disability or socioeconomic status. We provide participants and their families information, support and academic services for postsecondary attendance. Our goal is to increase the number of diverse individuals to complete their high school education and attend and graduate from college. We believe that education empowers communities to inspire future generations to effect change.”

There is a great wealth of information about TRIO on its website:

On the website, you will see that a majority of our TRIO programs are designed for middle school and high school students. These courses seek to help young people develop the core skills that both help them be successful in their current classes plus get them ready for education beyond high school.

Among the TRIO and Precollege courses that serve an especially important role for high school-aged students are the ones that help young people prepare for the ACT test. Many of those courses take place starting in October.

In addition to programs for middle school and high school students, there also are programs that have been created for adults interested in starting or returning to college, and others for military veterans that help them become college-ready and get enrolled in appropriate college courses.

Especially informative are online versions of several presentations the TRIO staff has recently delivered to community groups. Many have a special focus on parents. If you were not able to see these presentations in person, they can be viewed at

Parents who would like to talk to someone about taking advantage of the programs available through the UWM Office of TRIO and Precollege Programs can call 414-229-2845.







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