Two free life-saving reports for females and children

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Two free vital life-saving reports have been published with the purpose of deterring violent crime against females and children. These reports are titled Saving Women’s Lives and Protect Your Child from Kidnappers!

(Dallas, Texas) ICU Tek (, a safety and security firm, is making two vital life-saving reports freely available to the public with the intent of deterring violent crime as broadly as possible. Although the reports’ information is applicable to males, this information has been specially created for the safety and protection of females and children, which are the two most ‘at risk’ demographic groups as victims of deadly violent crime. These free/no-cost reports are immediately accessible from ICU Tek’s website.

Written by Dr. Kenneth Love, these safety/security reports present a myriad of proactive instructions, measures, and steps to implement for self-defense and protection, as well as provide startling statistics regarding violent crimes perpetrated against females and children. Additionally, Dr. Love hosts a public service video on the ICU Tek website that is viewable free of charge, and a public service flyer is also freely available on the site for download to individuals and organizations interested in preventing or dramatically reducing violent crime in their neighborhoods and communities.

Dr. Love, who is a former city police officer, state correctional officer, state youth commission sergeant, U. S. Army sergeant, Boys & Girls Clubs of America Director, and father of five children says, “Violent crime never takes a holiday. It doesn’t worry about taking breaks, getting rest, or vacationing. It is ever present, with the singular function and the sole purpose of, ultimately, destroying individuals, families, and communities. Consequently, it is always in need of opposing attention, action, deterrence, and elimination. In response, it is my desire that everyone, regardless of gender, have ready access to these proactive informational resources that may serve to save someone’s life.”

In regard to violent crime statistics, just a few revelations in these reports are:

* Someone is sexually assaulted in the United States every 2 minutes

* In the United States, 17.6% of women have undergone some form of rape

* Approximately 55,000 women and children are trafficked annually in the U. S.

* Only 5% of violent crime perpetrators spend time in prison

* Every 40 seconds, in the United States, a child is reported missing or abducted

* 1.5 million children are abducted each year

* Of child kidnapping victims, 40% are killed while 4% are never found

* In 46% of child abductions, the child is sexually assaulted

* More than 70% of kidnapping victims are girls

* 75% of kidnapped children are murdered within 3 hours of their abduction

* In a violent crime study, nearly 3/4 (75%!) of parents surveyed said they feared their child may be abducted at some point

“In my opinion,” adds Dr. Love, “these reports are not luxuries, but are crucial necessities in saving lives. And, at the risk of nepotism, I strongly feel that they should be on everyone’s computer desktop and virtual bookshelf.”

To get your copies of Saving Women’s Lives, Protect Your Child from Kidnappers, watch the child abduction prevention video, or download the violent crime prevention flyer, visit












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