U.S. Rap Group Arrested Development – World Tour

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Pictured in Buffalo, NY (2012, July 5th), next day AD traveled to Europe

Hip Hop has been through plenty of changes, (lyrically, musically and monetarily) but one thing that’s remained wonderfully consistent is the dynamic Arrested Development! Winners of two Grammy awards in 1993, and an NAACP award along with many other accolades, they celebrate 20 years of industry success and are on tour now! We caught up with Milwaukee Native & lead singer, Speech for a brief interview while he was in Milwaukee for Summerfest.

MCJ: What brings you to Milwaukee?

SPEECH: I come here every year to run Robbys Roasted Corn at Summerfest. My father started this company when I was in elementary school, now my wife & I run it.

MCJ: Being a superstar, is it hard to come back and sell corn?

SPEECH: Not at all, first of all, I look at myself as an everyday person, thats been extremely blessed to live his dream of music and be successful at it. So, hard work is not a downgrade for me, it’s a part of any persons life. I also get inspired being around music and food lovers. I write a lot of melodies while I’m here.

MCJ: What is up with Arrested Development now a days?

SPEECH: We released a new single, called LIVING from our upcoming album, “Standing at The Crossroads”. It’s a project celebrating 20 years in the business. We’re also touring to give the fans a taste of our progression.

MCJ: Where is your next tour dates?

SPEECH: fans can go to our website for updates. But we just did two shows in Buffalo, NY and another in Poland over the weekend. The turnout was overwhelming and the energy was amazing!

MCJ: Why Poland? Are you guys bigger overseas?

SPEECH: Not really, we have fans all over the world, but certain festivals are better to play than others and when we’re invited to play those, we tend to get on a plane and go! The flights are over 26 hours of traveling. It’s tough, but worth it.

MCJ: A lot of hip hop fans in America wouldn’t believe how big the music is overseas, is it as big as it is here?

SPEECH: It’s bigger! There’s so many foreign acts, that are massive and talented that we have no clue exist. We have been force fed our music and kept n the dark about the worlds flavors. It’s a big world out there!

MCJ: Well, Thank you for talking with us, I know you’re busy.

SPEECH: Thank you, MCJ, for continued coverage of our music and the black community in Milwaukee!


Arrested Development’s music and News can be followed at: www.ArrestedDevelopmentMusic.com



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