Unions continue to fight for family supporting jobs

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by Alan Simonis, President, Amalgamated
Transit Union Local 998

People from all walks of life support job creation. Not just jobs but quality family supporting jobs. Our state and our country are in the need of such jobs. I for one am tired yes I am tired of hearing that it is the middle class workers that are at fault for the economic problems of both our
state and our country. I am tired of hearing that people do not want to work, that they would rather sit at home instead of going to a family supporting job.
The people that make such statements do not live in reality; they don’t understand or see the number of applicants for the opportunity of a family supporting job when one is made available. They don’t understand that you need to make more than minimum wage to raise and support a family. Together we are faced with many challenges.
Unions fight for the kind of jobs that are needed to turn things around in our state and in our country. Unions fight for the changes needed to set our state and country back on the right track. With the new state budget bill many rights have been lost, rights that Union members fought and died for over the years.
Unions are important, not only does a Union fight for its members Unions fight to protect the basic rights of all workers in the community.
So a thanks goes out to all who support Unions and a very special THANK YOU to those that have gone before us as Union members who fought and died for the rights that we enjoy today. Now it is up to all of us to keep these rights and to win back those that have been lost.

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