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A unique new website dedicated to the health and wellness of African American men
Brain Brawn & Body, a new website dedicated to the health and wellness of African American men will launch Thursday, February 21, at www.brainbrawnbody.com.
A gala event to highlight the arrival of the site will be held at the UWM Zilber School of Public Health, 1240 N 10th Street in Milwaukee at 5 pm Central time. The event is sponsored by Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, the American Cancer Society and the City of Milwaukee Health Department.
Scheduled speakers are Theresa Jones, VP, Diversity and Inclusion Strategies, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare; Bevan Baker, City of Milwaukee Health Commissioner; Michelle Hinton, Director of Community Partnerships, American Cancer Society.
Health disparities for Black men are off the charts:
• The life span of Black men is 7.1 years shorter than other racial groups
• Black men experience disproportionately higher death rates in all the leading causes of death
• 40% of Black men die prematurely from cardiovascular disease as compared to 21% of White men
• Black men are 5 times more likely to die of HIV/AIDS
• Suicide is the third leading cause of death in 15 to 24 year old Black males
Eric Von and Faithe Colas, co-founders of Brain Brawn & Body believe the website will help empower Black men to get in front of these devastating statistics and improve their overall health and live healthier lives, thereby strengthening their family’s health and that of the overall community.
“Black men need to know as much as they can about living healthy lives; not just for themselves, but for the ones they love and for the ones that love them.
“We are certain that through Brain Brawn & Body sound and critical health and medical information will be provided to a population that might not otherwise, receive this information.
“We’ve found that African American men are often overlooked in the healthcare arena”, said Eric Von, Brain Brawn & Body publisher and editor.
“No longer”, says co-publisher Faithe Colas. “Brain Brawn & Body fills the void by presenting information in a convenient, one stop, and culturally specific format.
That type of presentation is so important when it comes to health information. Until now, the market didn’t offer a vehicle like Brain Brawn & Body. Our proactive and aggressive rather than passive approach to marketing our website is unique and will prove amazingly responsive to the needs of our subscribers.”
In addition to raising awareness among African American men, Brain Brawn & Body will address the issue of health disparities experienced by African Americans.
Blacks bear a disproportionate burden of disease, injury disability and death. Health disparities can mean earlier deaths, decreased quality of life, loss of economic opportunity and perceptions of injustice.
Brain Brawn & Body will help eliminate disparities through a careful examination of the issues and sound reporting of the facts.
Recognizing that knowledge is power, Brain Brawn & Body will empower its readers with vital data that will serve as a catalyst for moving men to a healthier way of life.
Subscribers can also sign up to receive newsletters that feature nutrition, lifestyle, leisure and wealth management articles written by experts in these fields.
To become a Brain Brawn & Body subscriber visit www.brainbrawnbody.com.


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