Vote For Barrett May 8 To Help Create Jobs

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by Gwen Moore
Iam voting for Tom Barrett in the primary recall election on Tuesday May 8 because he will focus on creating jobs we need in Wisconsin.
I hope you will get out and vote for him, too. If we choose Tom on May 8, he will give all of us the best chance of defeating Scott Walker in the recall election on June 5.
Walker has been a disaster for employment. Wisconsin lost more jobs in the past year than any other state under Walker.
One example of Walker’s failure to create jobs is that the train maker Talgo will lay off dozens of workers on Milwaukee’s north side this summer Scott Walker reneged on a state partnership with Talgo.
Tom Barrett and I have strongly supported Talgo as we work every day to create jobs in Milwaukee.
But unfortunately, rather than having a governor that is working with us to create more jobs, we have Scott Walker who is standing in the way of creating jobs in the central city. That’s why it’s time for a change in Madison and to replace Walker with Tom Barrett.
Tom will fight for Wisconsin working and middle-class families.
He will restore worker rights that were needlessly assaulted by Scott Walker. He will defend and strengthen education in Wisconsin, which Scott Walker cut so drastically. And he will restore tax fairness in Wisconsin by ending Walker’s big tax breaks to the rich and the big corporations, and restore tax relief for seniors and the working poor that Walker slashed.
I am so proud to stand with Tom Barrett because as our governor, he will fight for all of these values.
The primary election on May 8 is critical for our community and the state. We need to get Tom on the ballot so he can defeat Walker on June 5 in the recall election. Please join me in voting for Tom on May 8.

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