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The City of Milwaukee Election Commission would like to remind voters that the Tuesday, August 14 election is Wisconsin’s Partisan Primary. This election is scheduled to allow voters to select the candidates from their preferred political party for placement on the November General Election ballot.

The Partisan Primary ballot is divided into four sections or “party ballots:” Republican, Democratic, Constitution and Americans Elect. Each party section includes the same races for voting.

In a Partisan Primary, voters may only vote for candidates from one political party. If a voter selects candidates from more than one political party, only their votes for candidates from their

“The best approach to voting on Tuesday is to make sure you understand the purpose of a Partisan Primary before voting and inserting your ballot into the voting machine,” said Neil Albrecht, Executive Director of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission. “Voters are encouraged to thoroughly read the ballot instructions.”

By carefully considering and following instructions, a voter can avoid a rejected ballot and being delayed at their voting site. Instructions on the ballot identify that:

You may only vote for candidates from ONE political party. You may not cross-party vote.

Although not required, if you select a Party Preference, you still need to vote for the individual candidates of your choice from that party.

If you select a Party Preference, and you vote for candidates from more than ONE party, your ballot may be accepted, but only your votes for candidates from your selected party will be counted.

If you do NOT select Party Preference, and vote for or write in candidates from more than ONE party, your ballot will be rejected, no votes will be counted, and you will need to vote a new ballot.

Partisan Primaries are not new and have been in effect in Wisconsin since the early 1900s. Election Inspectors, including bilingual staff, are trained and available to provide assistance to any voter with questions on the ballot. In addition, sample ballots are available and posted on the bulletin boards, and detailed instructions are posted in the voting booths. Voters should keep in mind that they receive three attempts to complete a ballot that is accepted by the voting machine.

Voting sites will open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m.










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