Waiting by the Mailbox

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Growing up, getting mail with your name on it was a major deal. While I insist, yet again, that I am not old, the truth of the matter is that snail mail was THE mail growing up.  I was not allowed to send an electronic or typed message as a thank you for gifts. I was taught to sit down and write a specific thank you, to a specific person, for a specific gift. As a child mail was very special. Mail with your name on it symbolized that someone specifically was thinking of you.  My parents gave me a subscription to Highlights, Golden books and the Scholastic Book Club so every few weeks I received mail with my name on it like clockwork. My Highlight magazine was filled with games, puzzles, mazes and wonderful stories and I looked forward to it’s arrival and spent hours going from cover to cover the first day it arrived.

I waited for the mail because I had faith that there would not just be mail but that there would be mail with my name on it.  I believed with a certainty that the person who promised to send me mail would honor their commitment and I would not be disappointed. When the mail came there was a sense of joy and urgency. I knew what I was looking for! I knew the color of the envelope, the shape of the box or the company label. I sorted past everything else that wasn’t what I was looking for to get to the one thing I desired.

Last week many people were inwardly anxious at the possibility of the world ending. I shared with the membership of the church I pastor that I believe that the real anxiety was not surrounding whether the end was coming that day. I believe that people realized that the end will one day come and they are not ready.  Just like I knew that the mail would arrive, I promise you that one day, the end is coming.  The question is , “Are you waiting for the arrival of the Lord with anticipation and excitement or with dread because you realize that your affairs are not in order.

God desires to subscribe all of His children to an eternal subsription of joy, peace, grace, mercy, favor and love. God just wants us to accept the gift of salvation and wait eagerly by the mailbox because one day, He will be coming.  When the Lord returns you will not have time to get ready. You will not have time to call or text friends. Just like the mail, once the carrier comes, its too late to want the mail not to be sent. It’s already arrived. Likewise, once the Lord arrives it is too late to get things right. Don’t wait until next New Years to resolve to improve your life. Today is the day.

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