Welcome Back!

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North Division High School students start the new school year in style as they’re greeted by NDHS alumni, family and friends of the legendary high school with a back to school rally!

New and returning North Division High School students were officially welcomed back to school by a host of North Division alumni, student families and friends of North. Lead by North’s principal, Stanley W. McWilliams, the alumni and members of the school staff, and Milwaukee Public School Board lined up on each side of the walk way that leads to the school’s main entrance welcoming students with hugs, smiles and words of encouragement, which the students seemed to appreicate. The demonstration of support by the community is a key component to the student’s success, according to Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Gregory Thornton, who said in a recent “50-Plus” article: “There is nothing more important than investing in our children–they are tomorrorw’s workforce and our future.”



(Photos by Yvonne Kemp, who is herself a North Division alum)




North Division High School



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