Welcome to the #ARTLife of C.M.P.

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Welcome to the #ARTLife of C.M.P. ||| March Edition
Br(OK)en Genius / Charles Allis Art Museum / RedLine / Interview / New Website

Happy March Equinox!

As time waits for none, we are into the third month of the year of 2014! With the March Equinox upon us as of March 20th – March 21st, we will officially enter into Spring season! After the winter in Wisconsin with the bitter cold, pot holes & the snow with the odd temperatures, I’m sure we are in for great beauty these Spring, Summer & Fall seasons of 2014.

Do not just let your clocks spring forward, spring toward manifesting your dreams.

This email is to update you on everything that I, Christopher McIntyre Perceptions, have going on in the #ARTLife.

Br(OK)en Genius

Along with releasing my autobiographic artbook with poetry called “Memoirs & Visions” in the Late Summer / Early Fall,  I will be cultivating an experience to encompass four artistic disciplines:

Literary Art
Musical Art
Performance Art
Visual Art

This two day experience, solo exhibition in the form of a production, complete with 18 fine art photographs never before seen, cultivated by myselfwill be called “Br(OK)en Genius” taking place on November 21st – 22nd, 2014 at the  South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center from 7PM – 9PM with a gallery reception.

All I can say is…be prepared to experience fine art in a way never before seen, heard & felt before.

Mark the dates in your calendar!

This production is proudly sponsored by the following:

The Fellowship Open
Dream Milwaukee
Cain Enterprise
Eagle Flair Graphics & Printing

Old Mount Zion New Jerusalem COGIC

More information will be presented over each newsletter every month so stay tuned for a city wide effort to raise consciousness, challenge our perceptions & to examine the potential of genius within us all.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor / partner for Br(OK)en Genius, as other potential sponsors are pending and we are always open for more support, please feel free to contact at cmpartlife@gmail.com

Charles Allis Art Museum

On April 10th at 6PM, AMFM is having a magazine launch release party at the Charles Allis Art Museum in collaboration with the CAVT Collective. A one day gallery showcase will take place with artists such as Tyanna Buie, Daniel Fleming, Jason S. Yi, & myself, as I will have two pieces available for purchase, along with a panel discussion that I invite you to partake in!


As a RedLine MKE alumni, I was blessed with the opportunity to stand before a select group of people at Bacchus to speak on my two year residency experience as a young artist with ambitious dreams who came from a harsh reality. I am thankful for that experience & will always be an active supporter of RedLine MKE as an alumni. RedLine stays in the heart of the community, affecting change with the voice of art and changing lives, like mine. A special thanks to the founders Lori & Steve.


Learn more about who I am, what I stand for & how I perceive the ARTLife in a five minute interview here.

This visual is sponsored by Final Cut Multimedia.

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