What Medical Documents Do I Need?

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It is important that you have access to your medical information. When you go to your doctor, you should request a copy of your medical record.

In addition to this, it is also important that you have your doctor write a permission slip for you to obtain your pharmacy and laboratory records. You need to keep an up to date records of your most recent laboratory tests and a list of ALL YOUR MEDICATIONS both prescription and over the counter.

If you doctor is using Electronic Health Records (EHR), you should also be allowed computer access to your medical record. Electronic Health Records will allow you to have up to date information on your medical condition, laboratory and diagnostic tests.

You should feel comfortable both sharing information with your doctor and asking them questions. In addition, you should be in constant contact with your doctor and your healthcare team.

What Is A PHR?

You can actually put your medical information into a Personalized Health Record (PHR) that is available either through your doctor’s office or on the internet.

Having a PHR will help you keep your medical and health information current and is very handy if you travel to other parts of the world since it is available on the internet in a SECURE platform.







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