What Men Talk About When Women Leave the Room

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A very interesting thing happens when women leave the room. Men talk. An intriguing video series from Madame Noire entitled “Gentlemen Uncensored” captures the views, opinions and observations of today’s African-American man. 
(Mybrotha.COM) — One of the biggest differences between men and women is how we communicate and what we communicate about. It is widely known that women usually talk about their feelings more often than men. This is especially true when a woman asks a man to express himself.
But what happens when women leave the room? How open and honest will men be amongst themselves, and what exactly do they talk about?
An intriguing video series entitled “Gentlemen Uncensored” by Madame Noire, highlights the views, opinions and observations of today’s African-American man. The series observes real guys talking about marriage, cheating, monogamy, sex, and more.

In order to foster an engaging environment where men can openly express their loves, joys and fears, no women were present. This, along with a few men who had something to say, created a lively discussion about everything from marriage, to fatherhood.

According to Dr. J.R. Bruns, a psychiatrist and medical director of La Mer Integrative & Behavioral Medical Group, there is a good reason why black men in America wonder whether or not they should even bother with marriage.

“Men and women are misconnecting like never before and punitive and antiquainted divorce and custody laws are like gasoline to a inferno,” Bruns said in a November 2012 Psychology Today article.

“This new alienation has exacerbated since 1965 when Daniel Patrick Moynihan first alerted America of the coming destruction of the black family unit. Moynihan was harshly criticized at the time for his startling warning to a sleeping nation. But now for all ethnic groups in America, marriage and parenthood have split apart. Now that the national rate of childbirth out of wedlock is approaching double the rate for blacks in 1965 that so alarmed the Johnson Administration, it is a fair question to ask why any men should get married.”

To kick things off for Madame Noire’s Gentlemen Uncensored series, Chris Kazi Rolle, appropriately labeled “The Convo Starter,” started a discussion by asking his boys if they would get married, why they would get married, and what it would take for them to pop the question and walk down the aisle?


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