What to look for in a college

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Maybe you’re a high school senior wondering what to do after graduation. Maybe you’ve been working for a while and need to train for a new career.

Whichever category you fit into, choosing the college that’s right for you can be confusing. That’s why the people at Bryant & Stratton College put together some points to consider to help you choose the college that’s best for you:

Placement Rates

A college’s placement rate for its graduates is partially based on its relationship with local employers. Today, many colleges continually reach out to employers for a number of reasons: to learn what skills they want their employees to have, to place students with them for internships, and to place graduates with them when they have job openings.


A college that hires faculty members who have real-world experience in their fields can provide their students with a practical, hands-on education that can be a real benefit in the workplace.

Financial Aid

According to college.gov, a website being developed by the U.S. Department of Education, the Department will award about $100 billion dollars in student aid this year. You should talk to the college’s financial aid office, so together you can determine what kinds of aid you may be eligible for.


Learning in the classroom (or online) is still the predominant way the educational process works. But many colleges now combine classroom learning with on-the-job experience in the form of an internship. An internship will put you in a “real world” work environment and give you the kind of experience employers look for. So, it makes sense to ask the college you are considering if they include an internship for their students as part of their curriculum.

Career Focus

If you want to move from college to a good career as quickly as possible, look for a college that can help you accomplish this. For example, Bryant & Stratton College offers degree programs in growing industries like healthcare, business, technology and the legal field that you can complete in as few as 16 months of full-time attendance.

If you’d like more information about what to look for in a college, come to Bryant & Stratton College’s Community Career Fair, Thursday, April 14th, from 2 – 6 p.m. at the Tommy Thompson Youth Center on the Wisconsin State Fair Grounds, 640 S. 84th Street in West Allis.

For more information about the Community Career Fair or about attending classes, contact the Bryant & Stratton campus near you: Downtown on West Wisconsin Avenue, in Wauwatosa on West Potter Road, and in Bayshore at Bayshore Town Center. Or call 1.866.561.0841.

You can also visit www.bryantstratton.edu or find Bryant & Stratton College on Facebook.

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