What to look for when choosing a dermatologist

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The skin is your body’s largest organ, and its health is important for overall wellness, proper function, and appearance.

Consistent protection and attention to changes in the appearance of your skin, nails and hair is critical to your overall health. Dermatologists specialize in the treatment of these areas and are committed to helping keep your skin, hair and nails healthy throughout your lifetime.

Seeing a board-certified dermatologist can help with diagnosing and treating diseases like eczema, acne, warts, rosacea and the different forms of skin cancer. Your dermatologist can also provide surgical solutions for many conditions. Treatments could include Mohs micrographic surgery, the use of lasers and general excision techniques.  Enhancing your skin’s beauty can also be aided under the care of your dermatologist.

So what should I be looking for when choosing a dermatologist?

Ensure that your dermatologist is board-certified or board-eligible. Depending on your unique needs, you may want to select a dermatologist that has tenure or experience with a particular ailment or need.

Ask questions: Do they provide the services that you are most interested in? Do they provide medical, surgical and cosmetic services to patients? Does the dermatologist specialize in any areas? Are they a full-service clinic providing care for the entire family? What is their philosophy in treating patients?

Visit their office and their website for more information on things that are most important to you.

When you schedule an appointment, determine how far out they are scheduling patients. With acute skin care needs, it is important to have the ability to be seen promptly. Also determine if evening or weekend hours are available to meet your scheduling needs.

And of course, your dermatologist and you as the patient need to be able to work together to keep your skin healthy.  When you meet your dermatologist for the first time are they friendly and personable? Do you feel that they are spending enough time with you to get your questions answered?

Finding a dermatologist best suited to your needs is important in order to address your skin care needs throughout your lifetime. Great Lakes Dermatology at 8532 W. Capitol Drive is one such clinic with board-certified physicians that looks forward to the opportunity to provide you with “Your Kind of Skin Care.”

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