What we know

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Here is what we know.
1. Condolences to the Henderson & MHS Families.  As many of you know, C.C. Henderson passed away last weekend.  C.C. was the president of Milwaukee Health Services, Inc.(MHS); operator of Heritage Health Center located at 2555 N MLK.  Visitation is from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, September 1, at Reid’s New Golden Gate Funeral Home, 5665 N. Teutonia Ave. Services are at 1 p.m. Thursday at St. Matthew CME Church, 2944 N. 9th St. Burial will be in Tennessee.  For more on the phenomenal work of C.C. and MHS visit http://www.jsonline.com/news/obituaries/101733413.html.  Tito Izard, MHS medical director, has been named the interim chief executive and president of MHS.

2. RESCHEDULED MEETING – Street Repaving.  MLK will be repaved from McKinley to Burleigh.  The repaving will begin on September 7th.  Initially there was a meeting scheduled for September 1 that you may have received a flyer for.  THAT MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELED.  The rescheduled time is Thursday, September 2, 2010, 2:00 – 4:00 pm, at the MLK Library, 310 W. Locust.  Department of Public Works representatives will be present to give an overview of the project and answer any questions.

3. 2010 MLK Street Jam & BBQ- Soon the sweet smell of BBQ will be filling the air.  Join us for the 2010 MLK Street Jam & BBQ Saturday, September 4, 2010, 11am – 7 pm (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=yvvqzbdab&et=1103648540530&s=580&e=0017NeC5j7Rj9uthTmO3WQmyk4Vx1VLL3OtqHcIBg5BwAWovj7oVg-Ljexcu7d2N1bYbb8wFz1M4v1eKHYnlUY7rRfmx-LyEKqDu46zeBT41nqpC5j6rOILQ9GNHRHDZNBk <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=yvvqzbdab&amp;et=1103648540530&amp;s=580&amp;e=0017NeC5j7Rj9uthTmO3WQmyk4Vx1VLL3OtqHcIBg5BwAWovj7oVg-Ljexcu7d2N1bYbb8wFz1M4v1eKHYnlUY7rRfmx-LyEKqDu46zeBT41nqpC5j6rOILQ9GNHRHDZNBk> ).  Kids will be able to make their own BBQ apron and other crafts, buy your bracelet early for the people’s choice competition and enjoy live entertainment by Joe Jordan and Company (noon – 3 pm) and Adi & Cigarette Break (4 pm – 7 pm). ALSO, WE STILL NEED VOLUNTEERS, PLEASE CONTACT MARJORIE AT 414-265-5809, MARJORIE@KINGDRIVEBID.COM

4.  Richard’s Hill Clean-Up.  Join the Harambee Greater Neighborhoods Initiative for a neighborhood clean up.  Meet at 9:00 am on Saturday, September 18 at the HGNI office located at 2772 N MLK.  The area cleaned will be MLK to Holton, Center to Burleigh.

5. Gallery Night.  Join us at the next Gallery Night featuring the work of photographer Harry Kemp, Friday, October 15, 6:00 pm at the King Commons II Gallery/Studio, 2775 N MLK Drive.

6. Vietnam – Three Exhibits.  Photography, Cross Media and Installation Art by Lawrence D’Attillio is on exhibit at RedLine (1422 N 4th St.) through September; Tuesday thru Saturday, 10-3:30 pm.  For more details visit www.redlineartmke.org

7. Streetscape Planning.  Here is a list of what the remaining elements are to the streetscape plan that the design committee will be discussing and when they are discussing it.  All meetings are from noon – 2:00 pm, at the United Way, unless otherwise noted. If you would like to participate in these meetings, please contact Teig at 265-5809 or teig@kingdrivebid.com.

September 10 – Traffic

October 8 – Parking

8. Committees.  As you know, the BID’s Main Street Effort is dependent on volunteers.  Our Current Committees are: Marketing, Economic Restructuring, Design, Organization, and Public Safety & Maintenance.  General descriptions can be found at http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=yvvqzbdab&et=1103648540530&s=580&e=0017NeC5j7Rj9sDrR4uXdSPnsJb-rZuWaPt46m3j6IAh6yWZWK64iSIxs1wtxdQEKGPvk-yYvxD50ZrW6j-l8GmwwEs0A1nrUFLyZVS1ScUmYgGci5sZhYdTq55TVO9vuP5gAdG77oJfk0UG92IS7Kekg <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=yvvqzbdab&amp;et=1103648540530&amp;s=580&amp;e=0017NeC5j7Rj9sDrR4uXdSPnsJb-rZuWaPt46m3j6IAh6yWZWK64iSIxs1wtxdQEKGPvk-yYvxD50ZrW6j-l8GmwwEs0A1nrUFLyZVS1ScUmYgGci5sZhYdTq55TVO9vuP5gAdG77oJfk0UG92IS7Kekg> ==.  To volunteer, contact us at 414-265-5809 or info@kingdrivebid.com.

As always, if there is anything you know that you would like your neighbors to know, please let us know by replying to this email and we will try to include it in the next “What we Know.”

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