Where are the local Black leaders?

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by Roy B. Evans, Esq.

In general anybody can be a leader. Good leaders can lead from the front, the rear or the middle. Leaders don’t have to have to have Phd’s or have gone to military leadership training school. Politicians are not and should not be looked upon as leaders. Politicians are elected by popular vote and represent constituents in a defined geographic area.

Leaders are not elected. They are selected for their independent courage and willingness to sacrifice for the good of what ever cause they are selected to lead. Ministers, with all due respect, are not leaders except for the parrish’s and churches that they have been ordained to lead. Business leaders are not leaders of socio-political causes because they primarily represent the interests of those interested in wealth creation and economic stability. Don’t look for a banker or car dealer to fight for your civil rights.

If you look at history most of the great movements of our times were lead by the youthfulness of dissatisfied students who marched, demonstrated, satin and went to jail because they knew education is not a real education if it won’t allow you to be free and treated fairly. South African apartheid, civil rights marches, Commandos and numerous other movements were student lead. We have Black student unions at our colleges but they are mostly dealing with the obstacles to their survival within the Ivy walls of their educational institutions.

Do you remember the last student march, demonstration or boycott?

So again I ask “Who are Milwaukee’s black leaders and thus, where is Milwaukee’s Black leadership?” For me the simple test of a leader is; Who can lead a march? Who is powerful enough and respected enough to the point that the community, in mass, would heed their call and take to the streets with unconditional fervor. Who do you know is a leader that can bring other leaders together in the spirit of unity and leadership in order to crush the evils that we are constantly complaining about? Is there anyone you know of?

Father James Groppi was an example that we continue to celebrate as a leader who stood up and demonstrated against the injustices of racial inequality. He led marches and demonstrations on behalf of the disenfranchised Black Milwaukee community. Of course he was White but, he represented and sacrificed much for the Black community and should be remembered for that.

But, what about today? Vel Phillips, Lloyd Barbee, Howard Fuller, Michael McGee Sr. are historical leadership icons.

But, again, what about today?

Many potential Black leaders are fearful because in order to be an effective leader you have to have effective followers and protectors when the powers you protest against come after you. Mike (McGee) Jr. is a prime example of how they will whip our children in front of us, like in the slavery days, to show that anyone daring to speak up or speak out will be made an example of. I mention Mike Jr. because, regardless of his youthful failings, he was charged and treated far more harshly than almost anyone I can remember. (I still don’t understand why a foreign born snitch wearing a wire can set up Mike Jr while foreign born community extrapolators can bribe aldermen with no repercussions? Case pending? Give me a break!)

If Mike Jr. called a march, like in the past, I would participate. Common sense may not have ruled the day but, he had courage and spirit. I will always support and rally around courage. It’s just a fact, debate me if you will, but we lack courage in the Milwaukee black community and our leaders and Black leadership suffers for it. Can you name a leader? Milwaukee’s Black community is in desperate need of leadership.

Let us all pray that some way, some how our leaders come together and that a black leadership will emerge that will deliver us from the obvious racially based unfairness that afflicts us in this community.

Free Freida Webb (they don’t have a case). Why haven’t the individuals that killed young Stlngely been charged or in jail? And, I told you the Wizard and his Greater Milwaukee Munchkins were out to kill Milwaukee County and turn it into the land of OZ. Just keep following the yellow brick road because you haven’t seen nothing yet. (Of note: These are just my opinions and nobody is obligated to agree with or like them.)

















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