Whose at fault for our soggy city?

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The recent Milwaukee flooding brought a lot of misery too many families from here to Shorewood to Glendale.

On Thursday and Friday, I could not sleep. So I-witness sat on the porch. It was here I could see Fire Engine No. 8 over on 69th and Silver Spring work all night. We could never afford to pay these brave men and women enough for what they do and I-witness salutes them. “Atten-tion! Salute!”

I hope many of those who serve on the MMSD board didn’t sleep well. Billions have been poured into MMSD over the years, with a special tax taxpayers paid for 10 years to help pay for the last major flood back in the 80’s. Well it’s almost 20 years later. Time to let the folks at MMSD know the dog and pony show is over and the system they put in place (the “vaunted” Deep Tunnel) still doesn’t work!

Many are comparing this flooding to Hurricane Katrina. In no way is this anything like Katrina. The flooding should never have happened!

My question to MMSD: Where in the heck has the $3 billion that has been pumped into MMSD gone? Why are taxpayers still being taxed for a system that clearly doesn’t work?

Some say you can’t do anything about an act of God. Well, I beg to differ! First of all, the sewage commission is nothing more than a comfy patronage nest, where many deals are cut to allow folks–who don’t have a clue about sewage issues or waste disposal–are appointed to this commission. The biggest problem I have with this is the fact these individuals are compensated for mediocrity.

Look, no matter how they might spin it, in my mind MMSD is responsible for the sewage back up that led to the flooding during the “big rain.” Lastly, who is in charge at MMSD that has the skills to run that agency?

After 10 years and billions of dollars, we are still where we were in the 80’s with sewage back-up and flooding our streets, wrecking citizens lives.

This is unacceptable and a continued deception and brutal attack on taxpayers.

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