Why Do We Even Need to Pray?

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Prayer is simply the place we go because it is our easiest access to communicate with our Heavenly Father. Through prayer, we gain access to Him at the time we feel we need Him the most. Prayer is a simple thing. We don’t have to ‘Dress Up.’ We don’t have to ‘Get Ready’ to pray. We don’t have to be the ‘smartest person.’

When we pray, we learn and understand the great privilege of true intimacy, and love with our Lord and Savior. Each time we pray, there is a growth in our faith. When we pray, we are reaffirming the first principle of our faith that Jesus died for us. Prayer can also be the place where we can get instructions for that big day ahead that concerns us. Prayer is a simple thing.

When we pray, we open up ourselves to answers to problems and or situations that we can’t solve alone. If we want and need forgiveness, prayer is our source.

One thing we must remember what Jesus told us. If we have anything against our brother, we must first make amends, then return. He was referencing to the people bringing gifts to the altar, however the meaning is the same. If we want forgiveness of our sin, then we must first forgive others.

Having the blessing of forgiving others also allows us to love them all over again. The Lord has already forgiven us, which in turn allows us to recognize how much we should love Him. Prayer is a simple road to remind us all how important love for one another is to our Savior.

So many times our Father listens with a heavy heart to our prayers that are filled with complaints and self-centered ‘problems’, and does not see the faith necessary to grant our petitions. A loving heart expects only good from a loving Father. Prayer is our main communication with a “Loving God”. A negative prayer attitude suggests that not only are things bad now, but things will continue to be so. There are occasions of course where out of the love He has for His children the Father could override our negativity.

1st Peter 5:7, Never again will I focus on worries and frustration, because, I should be, “Casting all my cares upon Him who cares for me”.

God loves all His children no matter what your circumstances. When your faith is strong you feel the protection and security of His love in all you do; and you never feel alone. You feel protected in all your endeavors. You feel successful even when you fail, life is not as fearful, you feel the warmth of the arms of the one who loves you holding you tight and secure. Your confidence is strong and steady.

Why do we pray? Because God hears, listens, and answers our prayers!

We pray because God wants us to tell Him what’s on our minds. Even though He sees and understands our situations better than we do, He still wants to hear it from us using our own words.

Prayer deepens our relationship with God. Prayer brings us closer to Him. He created us with a need for connection, and prayer is a connection. Praying is talking to the Lord, just like friends talk to each other and are brought closer together through their sharing. When we pray, we share our most intimate self with Him. Through prayer, we are transformed and renewed. Prayer reminds us that we are dependent on God and not on ourselves. Prayer draws us closer to God.

We pray because God cares for and about us. It is a comfort for us to know we have someone that will be with us no matter what troubles us, and also shares the blessings that He provides.

We know that Jesus prayed. During His life on earth, Jesus was in constant communion with His Father. Toward the end of His ministry He prayed: “Father, I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.” How could Jesus know what the Father wanted Him to do? How could He have known His Father’s heart, His Father’s will, if He hadn’t spent time in prayer?

If the sinless Messiah, “the author and perfector of our faith,” desperately sought the Father, how much more do we, mere mortals, need to seek His will and pray.









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