Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition partners with Borders Books

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Benefit Day to Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Organization

Wales, WI, – The Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition (WBCC) was selected by Borders Group, Inc. to participate in a Benefit Day fundraiser on August 7th and 8th, where a portion of all sales will be donated to the organization with a valid WBCC donation voucher. Prior to the event, the WBCC will distribute the vouchers and supporters can visit any of the three participating stores – Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, 76th Street in Greendale, and North Port Washington in Fox Point – or purchase merchandise on Borders.com to support the organization.

“The Borders Benefit Days has been hugely successful since it began a month ago and we have partnered with several non-profit organizations,” noted the corporate sales coordinator of Borders Richard Karlinsky.

“I wanted to work with the WBCC because relatives of mine have been affected by the disease and this is one way to help give back to something that has had an impact on me.”

Vouchers can be used to purchase a wide selection of products, ranging from books and movies, to coffee and music.

The higher the total sales generated by the fundraiser – the higher the percentage of sales that is donated to the WBCC.

The voucher can be downloaded and printed from www.standupandspeakout.org or distributed electronically to friends and family through email or social networks.

Dawn Anderson, executive director of the WBCC stated, “We hope to raise a lot of funds through this effort. It’s been a hard year to get donations and grants because of the economy, but this Benefit Day is

a win-win for everyone involved; it gets more people into the Borders stores, the corporation gives back to the WBCC, and it raises awareness for breast cancer.”

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