Wisconsin Family Jobs Act Passes Senate

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Grigsby applauds passage of vital job creating legislation that will spur employment in Wisconsin

Madison – Today, State Representative Tamara Grigsby (D-Milwaukee) applauded Senate passage of Assembly Bill 898, the Wisconsin Family Jobs Act, a bill that will expand job opportunities throughout Wisconsin.

The Senate approved the Wisconsin Family Jobs Act with a bipartisan 22-11 vote, highlighting the strong interest in the opportunities provided by this legislation.

“Jobs are priority number one,” Grigsby said. “Today, I am so proud to see the Wisconsin Family Jobs Act passed by the Senate and I thank the 22 senators who voted in favor of this bill for their leadership and support.

“This important job creating legislation is one of many steps that must be taken to keep Wisconsin strong and I am thrilled to see it move forward.”

The Wisconsin Family Jobs Act will present opportunities for both employers and those seeking employment by expanding two existing subsidized employment programs in the state.

Under the proposed legislation, an employer who hires an eligible participant in the Trial Jobs or Transitional Jobs program would receive a 100% wage subsidy at the minimum wage for the hours worked by that employee, up to 40 hours per week for a maximum of 1,040 hours-a maximum of six months.

The Wisconsin Family Jobs Act will utilize potentially untapped funds through the TANF Emergency Fund that was created as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Among other things, funding from the TANF Emergency Fund can be used to increase spending on subsidized employment programs.

As of April 9, 26 states plus the District of Columbia have received over $315 million for spending on subsidized employment. These states range from California and Mississippi to Indiana and Tennessee, highlighting the broad interest in using the TANF Emergency fund to create new jobs.

“A good job provides someone with the opportunity to provide for their family, invest in their community, and support our state,” Grigsby said.

“The Wisconsin Family Jobs Act will provide yet another way to increase opportunities for those seeking employment and at the same time give businesses and other employers the chance to expand their enterprise.

“I am proud to have authored this legislation and I am even prouder that this bill to create new jobs for people throughout Wisconsin has received overwhelming support in both the Assembly and Senate.”

Assembly Bill 898, The Wisconsin Family Jobs Act, has now passed both houses of the legislature and awaits the signature of Governor Doyle.

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