Wisconsin PTA Calls on Congress to Prioritize Family Engagement in Education

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Advocates Urge Members to Fund Parental Information and Resource Centers during National Call-in Day

Madison, WI (September 14, 2011)- Today, National PTA® and the National Council for Parent Involvement in Education are hosting a “National Call-in Day” in support of Fiscal Year 2012 funding for Parental Information and Resource Centers (PIRCs), the only federal program dedicated to increasing family engagement in education.

Parents, teachers, and advocates for children across Wisconsin are calling on Senators Herb Kohl and Ron Johnson, and all Congressional Representatives to demand that Congress preserve vital PIRC services and programming that parents, schools, and districts are counting on. Parents Plus of Wisconsin works to build the capacity of school districts around the state to meaningfully partner with parents for increased student achievement. Annually, the PIRC program serves more than 16 million parents and families nationwide, the majority of whom are low-income and limited English proficient.

More than 40 years of research shows that engaged parents and families lead to improved educational outcomes. This is especially true in chronically low-performing schools, where research has identified family engagement as one of five essential ingredients to successful turnaround efforts – as vital as school leadership and curriculum alignment. PIRCs are the only coordinated source for technical assistance, sharing of best practices, and services to parents and districts, and the only such program funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

In ongoing Congressional efforts to fix No Child Left Behind, Members from both sides of the aisle have exhibited steadfast support for the program, voting to adopt the Platts amendment to H.R. 1891 and safeguard PIRCs in reauthorization. Now it’s up to lawmakers to fund this vital infrastructure for capacity building and technical assistance.

Wisconsinites are counting on Congress to prioritize the integral role of family engagement in education and fund Parental Information and Resource Centers. Without PIRCs, support services and programs benefiting parents and students will be lost.

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