WKND ‘Let’s Eat!’: Choose the right wine for the meal

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For years scientists have tried to confirm the theory that drinking wine with meals aids in digestion.

While that idea is still being studied what is known is pairing the right wine and food enhances the meal experience.

According to food expert Jeanette Hurt and master sommelier Jaclyn Stuart, Milwaukee co-authors of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Wine and Food Pairing,” when you pair the right wine and food together, they create a whole new dimension of flavor and enjoyment.

In The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Wine and Food Pairing Hurt and Stuart collaborate to give readers the perfect pairings that may have eluded them in the past.

While it’s true that red goes with red and white goes with white, there’s much more to know, such as making note of similarities and differences in intensity, acidity, and sweetness.

This guide offers readers:

• The basics of wine and food tastings, as well as ways to enhance the entire tasting experience

• A breakdown of white, red, sparkling, and dessert wines into flavor profiles for pairing

• Tips for pulling out the essential flavor profiles of foods for pairing

• Information on pairing wines with sauces and side dishes

• Advice for going beyond the traditional for adventures in pairing

• Ideas on how to match wines with international cuisine (countries in which grapes usually aren’t grown)

Appendixes include a glossary, a master pairings list for more than 100 foods and wines, wine menus for special dinners, and wine and food resources.

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