Women spend $125 thousand on clothes in a lifetime

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(Daily Mail)

New research has finally confirmed what husbands have suspected for years – that women spend a fortune on clothes and still have nothing to wear.

The average woman spends nearly $125 thousand on clothes in a lifetime but despite this rather frightening sum 60 percent still struggle to find something to wear to work or on a night out with friends.

The poll also shows that women buy roughly 3,109 items over the years including 271 pairs of shoes, 185 dresses and 145 bags.
The study of 1,000 adults found that 41 percent admitted to changing outfits at least twice per day, re-applying make-up up to five times per day and one in four checking the mirror five times or more every day.

Ten percent admitted to buying at least one item of clothing or accessories every week in the middle of the day, just to attend an event straight from work.

And 14 percent claimed to have hidden purchases from their partners.

While one in eight (12 percent) confessed to keeping at least one pair of shoes at their place of work to change into for a night out.

Julie Spearman, Sure for Women Assistant Brand Manager, told The Mirror: ‘Women never seem to have enough clothes. Many feel the pressure to keep up with ever-changing fashions and this means they’re always buying something new.”

Researchers found that the younger age groups are likely to spend most in their lifetimes, with the under 25s heading towards a total of $200 thousand.







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