Women’s Preventive Services Become a Reality

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The package of women’s preventive health care in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act goes into effect today, August 1st, 2012. The Wisconsin Women’s Network (WWN) heralds this package of preventive services as a tremendous asset for American women. Eve Galanter, Chair of WWN Board of Directors, points out that this removes long-standing barriers to preventive care for women. “Eliminating any co-pays will allow women to have greater control and access to their medical care.”

The provisions to be implemented are:

Well-woman visits

Counseling for sexually transmitted infections

Screening for gestational diabetes

Contraceptive methods and counseling

Testing for the Human Papillomavirus

Screening for interpersonal and domestic violence

Counseling and screening for HIV

Breastfeeding supplies, support and counseling

“Women take the lead organizing health care for their families, but their own health care has been inequitable in terms of cost as well as in the availability of insurance coverage. Each of these now-covered health services will result in improved health care outcomes for women by improving access and lowering costs for women of all ages.” observes Galanter.

“The Wisconsin Women’s Network recognizes the importance of contraceptive care as core to reproductive rights and central to preventive health. In this package, sexual health care is integrated with other preventive health care services for women, to improve results and lower costs.” commented Lon Newman, WWN Vice Chair/Public Policy and Executive Director of Family Planning Health Services.







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