Word of Hope Ministries, Inc. Fourth Annual Employer Appreciation Breakfast

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Milwaukee area employers who have helped make positive changes in the community over the past year where recognized recently by Word of Hope Ministries, Inc. (WOHM) at their Fourth Annual Employer Appreciation Breakfast. Word of Hope Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based community ministry created by Bishop C.H. McClelland who is the Pastor/Bishop of the Holy Cathedral Church of God in Christ and is also a Retired Human Services Administrator and Social Worker for Milwaukee County.

The objective of WOHM is to “Effect a social transformation so that lives are spiritually empowered & humanized.” Though the main purpose is to provide spiritual empowerment, Word of Hope realizes that its message is more readily accepted when it takes an active role in bringing social and economic change to the residents of the community. WOHM provides services such as work readiness training, employment placement, counseling, technology training, GED programs, prisoner reentry programs, and many other services primarily to underemployed and unemployed residents of Milwaukee County.

This years Appreciation Breakfast guest speaker was Gerard Randall who is currently the Managing Partner of the Lazarus Group, LLC; and is well known for his past work with the Private Industry Council of Milwaukee Wisconsin and his commitment to creating training and employment opportunities for Milwaukee residents. Randall is a graduate of Marquette University and a former schoolteacher for the Milwaukee Public Schools.

Word of Hope Ministries, Inc. firmly believes that through the use of partnerships with local employers and positive collaborations; together they can better service the residents of Milwaukee County by eliminating employment barriers, fostering self-confidence, and improving the quality of life for unemployed and underemployed individuals living in the inner city.

In 2009 Word of Hope directly placed over 200 job seekers at employers across Wisconsin.  We were successful in our efforts even during a recession with high unemployment rates because we have well trained and motivated clientele, WOHM can help connect employers to government benefits, and we can insure that you’ll only receive qualified referrals from our staff.

Our clientele like your workforce is diverse and unique. Depending on your organizations needs we can provide you with applicants who have employment and training experiences in a variety of specialties and fields.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Ron Wiza our Employment & Training Coordinator at (41) 447-1965 ext 244 to setup a personalized consultation and needs assessment.

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