Worse case healthcare scenario could become reality if you don’t vote Nov. 2

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At the risk of sounding as if we’re endorsing Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett for governor before we officially endorse candidates for the upcoming November 2 elections, we ask that you consider this possible (and we emphasize the word “possible”) scenario…

Republican candidate for governor, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, former television news reporter Rebecca Kleefisch, successfully win the election next month.

On their first days in office, the two implement Walker’s plan to dismantle Wisconsin’s successful BadgerCare program, which provides affordable health care to working adults and children whose employers don’t offer health care benefits and who can’t afford for-profit health care plans.

Their plan cuts 400,000 working families from the program who have nowhere to turn if a medical crisis arises or to monitor preexisting health conditions.

Ironically these 400,000 families would be denied access to the type of services Kleefisch was able to take advantage of during her recent battle with cancer.

That’s because her husband is Assemblyman Joel Kleefisch, who has the luxury of having—as a member of the state legislature—a Cadillac-styled healthcare plan that is taxpayer financed.

As we said, this is only a possible scenario. However, it may come true if the community doesn’t flood the polls November 2 and vote for the candidate that would preserve BadgerCare for the working poor and uninsured.

Walker has proven he’s no friend of the poor. And he’s made it obvious (as has Kleefisch) that he’s no friend of President Barack Obama’s healthcare plan either, joining a legion of myopic conservative Republican political figures across the country in rejecting its benefits for their own constituents.

If the aforementioned scenario doesn’t prompt you to go to the polls next month and you depend on BadgerCare, hope and pray the gubernatorial candidate running against Walker wins.

Again, vote! To paraphrase legendary civil rights icon Rev. Joseph Lowry: In 2008, voters changed the guard. This year, we must guard the change!

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