Worst mosquito season in decades arrives

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(CBS – Cleveland)

Before you bring out the grill and cook those hot dogs and burgers today, you may want to run back to the store and buy some bug spray.


Experts say this could be the worst mosquito season in decades.

The mild winter and early spring rain is expected to make this year’s mosquitoes appear in record numbers across the country six weeks early.


Experts say this could be the worst mosquito season in decades!

The lack of freezing temps means bugs and their eggs may not have been killed off, sending them into a breeding frenzy.


In 2011, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) received more than 600 cases of mosquito-borne viruses, 47 of which resulted in death. CDC officials say not to worry unless experiencing fever, severe headache and swollen glands. The symptoms could be a sign of an infection.


If you love being outside, trim back the trees and mow the lawn where you plan on spending most of your outdoor time. Don’t forget to stock up on bug repellant spray, candles and lawn spray too.

It also helps to layer clothing at dawn and dusk when the “skeeters” are at their worst.

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