You Can Beat Lung Cancer – Don’t Let It Be A Death Sentence

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Hampton, VA – If you were given a diagnosis of lung cancer and told you had six months to live – that’s pretty much a death sentence, right? Wrong! When Dr. Carl Helvie was given that very diagnosis 38 years ago he decided his last months would be without the debilitating effects of traditional medicine. Now, at age 80, he is not only free of chronic illnesses and prescribed medications but is the longest living lung cancer survivor! His new book, You Can Beat Lung Cancer: Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions (Ayni Books), is one of the most comprehensive books on alternative treatment for lung cancer available today.
We have been conditioned to believe that surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are the only way to fight cancer but, according to Helvie, “this could not be more wrong!” Interestingly, a team of researchers in Washington state recently discovered by ‘accident’ that chemotherapy does not treat or cure cancer at all but rather fuels the growth of cancer cells, making it even more difficult to destroy the second time around.
Using holistic natural interventions of supplements, herbs, enzymes, diet, prayer, meditation, visualization and more, Dr. Helvie not only overcame his cancer but prevented a recurrence. So, considering only 11% of Americans over age 65 are free of chronic illnesses, and by age 75 the average is three chronic illnesses and five prescribed medications, following the steps outlined in his book is like being given back 20+ years of life!
Dr. Helvie’s book is based on his 60-year background in medicine and research, and input from some of the leading medical and health practitioners currently in the field today. By shedding light on the alternatives to traditional harsh treatments, he is arming us with the necessary information to make a rational decision should we ever be faced with this diagnosis.
Dr. Carl Helvie is a registered nurse with two masters and a doctorate in public health and wellness. He has 60 years experience as a nurse practitioner, educator, author and researcher and is the recipient of numerous awards and has listings in Who’s Who In American Nursing, Men of Achievement, American Men and Women of Science, just to name a few. He has eight published books, has contributed to others, and has published or presented internationally over 100 papers and articles. He developed and published a nursing theory that is used worldwide and has established a nursing center that provides primary care for homeless and low-income individuals and families.
Dr. Helvie currently writes for a magazine and is the host of a radio show on natural holistic health. For more information, please visit:
Available at fine bookstores or online outlets
You Can Beat Lung Cancer: Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions 
By Dr. Carl O. Helvie
Publisher: Ayni Books
Released: November 16, 2012 
ISBN-10: 1780992831 
ISBN-13: 978-1780992839






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You Can Beat Lung Cancer: Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions

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