You’re worth it!

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Part one of four installments celebrating our theme of Health

Many years ago a makeup line adopted the slogan – “You’re worth it.” While seemingly simple, for many people it is easy to forget that investing in oneself is a good investment.Whether that investment is in education, enhancing relationships, seeing projects through to completion or working out, you are worth it!

One of the biggest lies that the devil tells us on a regular basis is that somehow, for whatever reason “We aren’t worth it.” The enemy seeks to make people, especially selfless, hardworking people, feel guilty about anything that they do for themselves. Many of you like me may have suffered through seasons of life where you sacrificed your own needs to meet the needs of others. To be clear, I am not speaking of the many sacrifices that spouse make for one other or how (good) parents take seriously the needs of their children. I am talking about the everyday personal care needs that often take a back seat to help others when in fact we will be better for everyone else if we attended to these needs first.

Recently I lost 75 pounds by changing my diet. I, however, simply refused to work out – until I hit a plateau and wasn’t losing anymore weight. I then realized that I was going to have to work out in order to lose the next 75. Annoyed and with an admittedly bad attitude, I joined a gym. After being dragged in the gym by a member of the congregation who is way too happy, way too early in the morning -I began working out.

I soon realized that I wasn’t going to die.Although I was active there was a mental roadblock about working out. I soon realized that even at the first work out I was able to do a few miles on the bike in addition to more than a mile on the treadmill plus weights. It was then that I realized how much time I had wasted not trusting that I could do it and that I was worth it.

One day, I had an early morning appointment to check on someone else. The first thought I had was, “I can’t workout today.” Abandoning my workout wasn’t going to help me and it wasn’t going to help the other person. I recognized that once again I was mentally prepared to do less for myself in order to do more for others.

The reality is that when I take care of myself I am far more able to help others and so we both are blessed by my self-care. I went to work out. I had to abbreviate the workout but I went and that was significant. This concept can be applied to so many areas.

Many people find themselves in difficult financial situations because they have negated their own needs to rescue everyone else. Others have no peace in their home because they are seemingly running a hotel for all of their relatives that don’t feel like paying their own rent. Still others abandon their dreams of an education as they focus solely on today’s paycheck rather than invest in the education needed to make future paychecks much larger.

God, through His son made us worthy. He told each and every one of us that we were fearfully and wonderfully made! Not because we were a certain size, race or complexion but simply because we were made in His image.We look like Him!

Every day you wake up remember that you are worth it! Take time for yourself and get on the path to health and wellness physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally. There are 90,000 adults over 25 in Milwaukee who need to get a G.E.D. before the rules change in December. Yes 90,000. Start working on it! You are worth it. Many of us need a vacation – take it! You’re worth it. Others need to join me at the gym. Come on and join! You’re worth it!


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