Youth Council hosts discussion with Egyptian students

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City Clerk Jim Owczarski and Milwaukee Youth Council Members
pose with Egyptian students during a tour of the Common Council chamber.
(Photos Courtesy of the City of Milwaukee Youth

Bill Arnold

Members of the Milwaukee Youth Council (MYC) met Monday (September 30) at City Hall with five students from Egypt who represent
the organization EYouth, to discuss openly about youth life in the United States and what role youth worldwide play in government
legislation. The International Visitor Leadership Program and the U.S. Department of State joined the two groups together.
During the discussion, both groups of students realized several similarities between their organizations and objectives. EYouth’s primary goal is to “engage and empower Egyptian youth.”  Similarly, Milwaukee Youth Council members share a similar goal
because they serve as liaisons between Milwaukee’s youth population and city government.  Both groups allocate funding to various projects that contribute to their communities’ growth and sustainability. EYouth shared information about a recent initiative, which included a friendly competition of 150 participants and 18 teams competing for funding for their specific project.

The competition resulted in distributing funding to mushroom farmers as well as addressing high unemployment rates by focusing on
tourism in Egypt. Correspondingly, the Youth Council has dispersed funds to six agencies for the enhancement of youth programs in the City of Milwaukee, including initiatives helping community gardens and health clinics.Monday’s conversational format allowed the students to ask each other questions about the challenges and opportunities youth encounter in their communities. EYouth asked Youth Council members how they specifically address the needs of the community.

William Malone, city youth development coordinator, spoke on behalf of the Life Ventures Partnership.  LVP builds partnerships between businesses, schools and youth-serving agencies to help Milwaukee teens become life-long learners, productive workers and engaged citizens.  Both groups of youth representatives agreed with Mr. Malone’s assertion that regardless of country, the importance of job-related skills is critical for all youth.

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Life Ventures Partnership

Milwaukee Youth Council

The International Visitor Leadership Program

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