Youth Empowered: GEM 22 Takes Over Radio Airwaves WMCS 1290’s The Evening Rush Welcomes GEM 22

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MILWAUKEE – On May 22, 2012 Girls Empowered to Make it 22 (GEM 22) demonstrated unique poise as the organization graced the airwaves of WMCS’s 1290 radio show; The Evening Rush. Generational problems facing young ladies, the purpose of Girls Empowered to Make it 22 along with insight into the experiences of GEM 22 participants was the purpose of this appearance. A representation of GEM’s from BEAM academy share the experience of being live on-air for the very first time. They are, in a word, empowered.

Generational Problems Addressed With the increase of teen pregnancy, high school dropout rates, incarceration and generational welfare dependants there is a call to action in which GEM 22 is responding to. When host of The Evening Rush, Mr. Earl Ingram asks what the problem is among young ladies in this day; Daciara ______(12) responds from the heart. “When kids; girls get in high school, they do stuff to be popular. When you get that pain or problems, you can’t turn back from it because you’ve already done it.” Peer pressure is a challenge for most; however, Daciara mentions that GEM 22 is one reason she is able to repel it saying, “I stay away from peer pressure because I know it is not right and that’s we talk about in GEM 22.” Domonique Barley, CEO and Founder of Girls Empowered to Make it 22 chimes in, “GEM 22 is about introducing them to paradigms to help shift their thought processes so that their actions reflect what they are thinking positively. Ensuring that once they leave GEM 22 they are empowered; they are the leaders of their community and schools. They are the persons other young ladies would look to for advice.” Incomparable CurriculumGEM 22’s tri-divisional programming and its dynamic leadership curriculum makes for a very unique program that cannot be duplicated. The leadership compass focuses on four main areas: Self-confidence, Social-civil service, Soul-seeking and Scholarship. Ms. Barley specifies the importance of the unique programming, “The program is tailored to travel and broaden their horizons. It’s geared to increase self-confidence; to figure out what they are good at, mold that and to help find their hedge hodge concept as Jim Collins book “Good to Great” would say.”

Every week we talk about who we are and what we want to do. We talk about how to be a lady and things like that,” Martayzia _____ (12) highlights when asked by Mr. Ingram what she learns in GEM 22. Daciara mentions, “We talk about personality. We talk about how we can help each other. We talk about how to be respectful and how to carry ourselves. We talk about how to help the community and we basically talk about making ourselves a better person.” GEM 22 is carrying out the mission of empowering youth city-wide and eventually nation-wide.


Mr. Ingram describes Ms. Barley as “polished” and “full of energy.” He finishes up the show saying, “You are such a bright young lady. They see what I see in you a very talented and bright young lady who is obviously is going to make life better for the young ladies in our community.” Girls Empowered to Make it 22 has been invited to come back to grace the airwaves of The Evening Rush, an opportunity in which they will be sure to take full advantage. The experience is one in which both girls say was unexpected and life changing. Neither Daciara or Martayzia have experienced radio production nor have had previous experience on air; radio or otherwise.

GEM 22’s programming is currently being disseminated at The Business and Economics Academy of Milwaukee with Principal Willie Jude presiding. The program is facilitated bi-weekly at BEAM. More information on GEM 22 can be found on their website: Inquires and programming questions may also be forwarded to Donations are accepted; Girls Empowered to Make it 22 is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.

Girls Empowered to Make it 22 was founded in Milwaukee, WI in 2011. G.E.M 22 nurtures leadership capabilities by advancing dreams and goals while preparing young ladies for womanhood. The ultimate mission of G.E.M ~22~ is developing and fostering positive self-images of girls 10-15 by getting them accustomed with the four pillars of the program, the four “S’s” is the vehicle. The four “S’s” are: Self-Confidence, Spiritual Guidance, Social- Civil Service Scholarship.
















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