Zimmerman verdict proof-positive race is still the ultimate challenge of 21st century America

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MCJ Editorial
The “not guilty” verdict for George Zimmerman Saturday (coupled with the 
recent U.S. Supreme Court decision to strip a major component from the 
Voting Rights Act) is proof our nation is not in the midst of any type 
of “post-racial” or “color-blind” spring-like era in American or civil 
rights history.
If anything, these two historic and tragic incidences are proof-positive 
America is regressing in race relations.
Race DOES matter! If you’re White, you’re all right. If you’re Black 
(especially a Black male youth or adult male), you might as well be in 
prison or dead!
That may sound harsh…to members of the mainstream (White) society 
anyway. But to societies of color (especially Black) it is an 
unvarnished, universal truth…and a painful one at that!
Just look at who occupies the majority of the state’s and nation’s 
prison cells…US! (Just as the late comedian Richard Pryor once said: 
There’s justice and there’s “just-us!”) Look at who the majority of 
individuals occupying the top five negative health indicators are (as 
well as those who are unable to pay for preventative healthcare)…US!
The shocking and inexplicable verdict in the Zimmerman case was WRONG!
The laws that permitted Zimmerman to carry a gun with impunity (despite 
having a police record for domestic violence and other assault charges) 
are WRONG!
Similar laws around the nation (such as Wisconsin’s own “Castle Law”) 
that seemingly allows “open season” on us and other communities of color 
are WRONG!
The mainstream will say (again) that we’re being irrational, that we’re 
exaggerating and talking crazy when we say its “open season” on Black 
Than how would they explain the atrocious act of violence in Milwaukee 
perpetrated by 78-year-old John Spooner last year?
He’s currently on trial for fatally shooting (actually executing) 
13-year-old Darius Simmons, who Spooner accused of stealing items (some 
of which were reportedly guns he collected) from his home. Just as it 
was in 20th century America, “the color line” is still the great problem 
and ultimate challenge of 21st century America, and will continue to be 
until we all finally sit down and dialogue; laying out the dirty laundry 
of White supremacy and the myth of Black inferiority; of White privilege 
and Black oppression.
Black, White…and Brown must come together and wrestle with the 800 
Ibs. gorilla in the room.
What took place in Sanford, Fla. Saturday shows we will not be having 
that dialogue anytime soon! Perhaps the outrage expressed by both sides 
of the color line after the verdict was handed down will finally spark 
discussion and confession, which will lead to revelation and reconciliation.










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