Zondervan to launch new giving module for churches

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Christian Newswire — The City by Zondervan today announced its new Giving Module, enhancing how churches manage financial donations, offering easy online giving to church attendees and providing insightful information for churches. Combined with The City’s best-in-class communications, social networking, children’s ministry and small group features, it creates the most comprehensive church management software platform on the market.

“Building out this Giving Module has been a key part of offering a full suite of innovative tools to the church community,” said Zack Hubert, founder and lead architect at The City. “We are now delivering this robust feature set that provides churches more flexibility, ease-of-use and new data for their giving and donor management.”

The City’s fully integrated Giving Module makes it simple for people to give online by credit card, debit card or checking account withdrawal. Online giving transactions can also be set up on a recurring schedule, as well as allocated to various funds a church might create, such as a new building fund.

Donations are automatically tracked in The City, saving time for accounting staff and volunteers, and making it easy to encourage giving, promote funds, communicate giving totals and manage donation data, all in one engaging place.

By centralizing payment options and a donor database, churches can quickly input, update and track pledges and donations. They can also create and manage funds, and import historical donation records, leading to a more reliable donor database. The City now also supports check reading, making the input of donations via checks efficient and accurate.

The enhanced reporting tools in The City’s Giving Module provide pastors with all the basics for keeping track of donations, funds, pledges and donors. In addition to the ability to create custom reports, The City also provides easy-to-use report templates and pre-built queries.

The City also celebrates another milestone this month as it hits the 2-year anniversary of being part of Zondervan. With churches worldwide using The City, the company is seeing unprecedented levels of engagement and adoption in churches that use The City.

Delivering this innovative functionality around giving and donor management will continue to propel the company forward as the leader in the church management software category. 

The Giving Module will be released before the end of November and will be available as an add-on module to the core platform of The City.

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