Council members call for calm, reason following shooting in Harambee

September 29, 2014   // 0 Comments

  Dustin Weis: Public Relations Supervisor -Milwaukee City Clerk & Common Council Common Council members Milele A. Coggs and Ashanti Hamilton called for calm following the shooting death of a 39-year-old man in the Harambee neighborhood Saturday night, urged the parties responsible to turn themselves in to authorities and appealed to neighbors to report any information that might ai...

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  • Kenny Leon To Direct ‘Children Of A Lesser God’ Broad ...
    September 29, 2014   // 0 Comments
    By MARK KENNEDY of AP via Huff Post Black Voices NEW YORK (AP) — The romantic story “Children of a Lesser God,” which has been a hit already onstage and on film, is heading back to Broadway. Producer Hal Luftig said Monday that a revival is in the works for the 2015-2016 Broadway season. Tony […]
  • Tyler Perry Confirms Girlfriend, Gelila Bekele, Is Pregnant
    September 27, 2014   // 0 Comments
    By JOHN CARUCCI of AP via Huff Post Black Voices NEW YORK (AP) — Tyler Perry confirms he’s going to be a dad. Rumors have circulated that the 45-year-old Perry and girlfriend, Gelila Bekele, were expecting a child. But Perry had not made a public statement. When asked about the prospects Friday at the opening night […]


  • Best Foods After Your Workout
    September 29, 2014   // 0 Comments
      By Princess Gabbara Everyone’s always talking about what you should eat/drink before you work out, but what about after your workout? Yes, just in case you weren’t aware, it’s important to eat after working out; otherwise, all of your hard work goes to waste. Here are some of the best foods and beverages […]
    September 29, 2014   // 0 Comments
        Denise LaRosa Timoria McQueen was living a life many women dream about; she was enjoying a successful and glamorous career as a makeup artists for stars like Mariah Carey and Keri Hilson. She married the man of her dreams and was expecting their first child with great anticipation. Then the day finally arrived. […]

His & Hers

  • 10 Things No One Tells Men That Will Make Them Better Lovers
    September 26, 2014   // 0 Comments
        Posted by Tiffanie Drayton There are many reasons why men don’t necessarily know what women really like in bed. The most important: a lack of access to real information. Movies oversimplify sex by not really showing what happens in the sack, pornography is just, well, pornography, and “Talk Sex With Sue Johanson” […]
  • 8 Rules You Need To Follow If You Want A Second Date
    September 26, 2014   // 0 Comments
        By Annie Gleason Dear Annie, Mike and I had a wonderful first date. We talked about everything. We both want to get married and have kids. He makes good money and lives in a great neighborhood, so I’m sure he’ll be a great provider. He was OK when I told him that I […]

National News

  • Obama: Mistrust Of Police Corroding American Society
    September 29, 2014   // 0 Comments
        By DARLENE SUPERVILLE of AP via Huff Post Black Voices WASHINGTON (AP) — The widespread mistrust of law enforcement that was exposed by the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man in Missouri exists in too many other communities and is having a corrosive effect on the nation, particularly on its children, […]
  • DOJ Gets Ferguson, St. Louis County Cops To Ban ‘I Am Darre ...
    September 27, 2014   // 0 Comments
      Ryan J. Reilly   -Huff Post Black Voices     WASHINGTON — Ferguson police officers who are on duty should not be wearing wristbands showing support for the cop who shot and killed an unarmed teenager last month, the Justice Department on Friday told police in St. Louis County. DOJ officials also said they personally had observed […]

Small Business

  • 4 Savvy Tips For YouTube Marketing
    September 29, 2014   // 0 Comments
    by Teri Harrison    Posted: September 25, 2014 In 2005, a little company called YouTube entered the market and changed the game. Founded by three PayPal employees, YouTube has given a global voice to entrepreneurs everywhere. According to, over a billion new users visit the site each month and over a million subscribe each week. […]
  • ‘Scandal’ Lesson: What Side Hustles and Relationships Have In Com ...
    September 26, 2014   // 0 Comments
    by Nicole Cober, Esq.    Posted: September 23, 2014 Is it me, or is there an increased popularity in our culture with “sides”? Side hustles. Side chicks. My favorite TV show, “Scandal” and Olivia Pope—the side we love—is premiering this week. So, I’ve been focused on the challenges with having side … ventures. Typically, […]

World News

  • Liberia’s Chief Medical Officer Goes Under Ebola Quarantine
    September 27, 2014   // 0 Comments
      By JONATHAN PAYE-LAYLEH   of AP  via Huff Post World Post  MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) — Liberia’s chief medical officer is placing herself under quarantine for 21 days after her office assistant died of Ebola. Bernice Dahn, a deputy health minister who has represented Liberia at regional conferences about combating the epidemic, told The Associated Press on […]
  • Sierra Leone Restricts Travel For Over 1 Million To Stop Ebola Sp ...
    September 26, 2014   // 0 Comments
      By CLARENCE ROY-MACAULAY of AP  via Huff Post World Post FREETOWN, Sierra Leone (AP) — Sierra Leone on Thursday took the dramatic step of sealing off districts where more than 1 million people live as it and other West African countries struggle to control the Ebola outbreak that has claimed thousands of lives. With […]