Milwaukee Refugee Group to Tour Capitol, Advocate for Scholarship Expansion

January 23, 2015   // 0 Comments

  Sally Kuzma Milwaukee, Jan. 22, 2015 --- Refugees from International Learning Center (ILC), a program of Neighborhood House of Milwaukee, are going to Madison on Tuesday, January 27th 2015 to tour the State Capitol building and speak with representatives about expanding a key college aid program for minorities. The event is a real-life civics lesson for the adult students, many of who...

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  • Fox casts a new ‘Storm’ for upcoming X-Men movie
    January 23, 2015   // 0 Comments
        by theGrio Director Bryan Singer ended months-long speculation on who would play Storm, the most popular black female superhero, in the upcoming comic book movie X-Men: Apocalypse. In a tweet saying, “Meet our new brilliant young mutants,” Singer disclosed that Alexandra Shipp, the 23-year-old Aaliyah actress, will take over the role of the popular heroine. […]
  • Network TV is getting blacker but still has work to do
    January 22, 2015   // 0 Comments
        by David Bauder, Lynn Elber, Frazier Moore, AP Television Writers Kenya Barris, creator of ABC’s “black-ish,” was motivated to write the comedy about an African-American family’s efforts to honor its heritage in part by the unreality of what he grew up watching on television. “I saw ‘Friends’ and ‘Seinfeld’ and thought, ‘What […]


  • Why the Affordable Care Act Matters to African-Americans
    January 23, 2015   // 0 Comments
      Posted by Valerie Jarrett, Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell on January 22, 2015 at 12:41 PM EST Ed. note: This is cross-posted on See the original post here.    When Astrid Muhammad heard her phone ring this past Friday, the last thing she expected was a call from the White House inviting her to attend this year’s State of […]
  • Easy Ways To Fall Asleep Faster
    January 22, 2015   // 0 Comments
      By Princess Gabbara When’s the last time you had a good night’s sleep? Well, time isn’t the only thing lost when you lose sleep. According to a small 2013 study published in the journal SLEEP, a single night of sleep deprivation can cause you to lose brain tissue. Lack of sleep has also […]

His & Hers

  • Should Married Couples Get Tested for STDs?
    January 23, 2015   // 0 Comments
      Erynn Haskins    -Houston Style Magazine Do married couples need to get regular STD tests? We tell you the reasons why you and your partner should consider getting an annual check-up. Many couples believe that once they get married, they no longer have to worry about the possibility of contracting an STD. Well I’m here […]
  • 5 Things That Are Sexier Than Sex
    January 22, 2015   // 0 Comments
    Ann Brenoff     -The Huffington Post Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex. Sex is all anyone wants to talk about, read about. What is sexy? What isn’t? Is there anything sexier than sex? Actually, maybe there is. How about these five things?: 1. Cuddle over coitus. OK, this is not always the case. But there are times […]

National News

  • Will the Supreme Court Turn Back the Clock on Fair Housing?
    January 23, 2015   // 0 Comments
      By Charlene Crowell January 22, 2015 Although a series of civil rights laws were enacted in the 1960s, in the 21st Century many of these historic legislative victories continue to face legal challenges. On January 21, one such challenge was heard by the United States Supreme Court. By the time the Justices rule on […]
    January 23, 2015   // 0 Comments This year’s Coca-Cola Pay It Forward Scholarship Program, sponsored by the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation, is now taking applications until March 31, 2015! –_ NATIONWIDE — The Coca-Cola Pay It Forward Scholarship Program offers scholarship awards and once-in-a-lifetime apprenticeship experiences to African American youth looking to pave the way for their futures. […]

Small Business

  • Curl Sistas Hair: Couple Talks Working Together to Launch Brand
    January 23, 2015   // 0 Comments
    by Essence Gant Joy Adaézé is a popular face in the fashion and entertainment community. The stylist and blogger is often praised for her fierce head-to-toe style and can be spotted rocking one of her many fabulous turbans. Adaézé’s latest venture includes the launch of a natural-textured weave and clip-in line, Curl Sistas Hair. What’s really cool […]
  • Entrepreneur Overkill: 7 Reasons Your Business Needs Office Hours
    January 22, 2015   // 0 Comments
    by Ella Rucker As an entrepreneur, we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and sometimes 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. More hours equal more money, exposure, social media engagement; we can be where our competitors are not because we are all #TeamNoSleep.  Customer service is immediate, email response […]

World News

  • Morocco: ‘Exodus’ Film Sparks Morocco Free Speech Deb ...
    January 22, 2015   // 0 Comments
    Magharebia (Washington DC)   via By Siham Ali Rabat — Morocco required an edit to the film “Exodus”, stirring up a fresh debate over civil liberties under the Islamist-led government. The film was originally banned last December, before being re-authorised January 7th with the censored scene. The Moroccan union representing directors and writers criticised the film […]
  • There Were At Least 12 Other Terrorist Attacks The Week Of Charli ...
    January 21, 2015   // 0 Comments
    Julia Craven          -Huff Post Black Voices WASHINGTON — The world has been mourning the almost 20 people killed around Paris on Jan. 7 and 9 in some of the most vicious radical Islamic terror attacks in Europe in recent years. The horrific assaults prompted displays of solidarity for France and an international conversation about whether Europe […]