Council approves Milwaukee Promise funding to help city neighborhoods

December 17, 2014   // 0 Comments

Bill Arnold Public Information Manager/City of Milwaukee The Common Council today approved a recommendation of the Community and Economic Development Committee to allocate $300,000 in Community Development Block Grant funding for the Milwaukee Promise initiative - the multifaceted city effort to address systemic poverty, joblessness, poor health, crime and low educational achievement in city n...

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  • Cameron Diaz, Director Will Gluck Talk ‘Annie’ Remake ...
    December 17, 2014   // 0 Comments
          By Curtis M. Wong -Huff Post Entertainment Will Gluck’s “Annie,” which hits theaters on Dec. 19, transplants the beloved Depression-era musical into the present day by adding a pop spin on its classic tunes and a politically-tinged subplot about social media. With that in mind, Cameron Diaz wanted to make sure Miss […]
  • Samuel L. Jackson Issues A Singing Challenge To Fight Police Viol ...
    December 16, 2014   // 0 Comments
      By Jessica Dickerson   -Huff Post Black Voices It turns out Samuel L. Jackson has a voice as big as his heart. The celebrated actor recently made a video calling out celebrities who participated in the ALS awareness “Ice Bucket Challenge” videos. Following a wave of massive protests against police brutality and racial violence, Jackson […]


  • Basketball Legend Dominique Wilkins Talks Diabetes & Healthy ...
    December 17, 2014   // 0 Comments
      By Sandria M. Washington NBA Hall of Famer, two-time slam dunk champion and nine-time NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins was nicknamed “The Human Highlight Film” for his reel-worthy acrobatic feats on the court with the Atlanta Hawks. He’s played against some of the league’s most formidable players, but met his biggest opponent off the […]
  • 5 Reasons You Need To Know About Oil Of Oregano
    December 16, 2014   // 0 Comments
    By Gwendolyn Harris This cold and flu season, there’s an old natural remedy that’s getting some new attention: oil of oregano. With more than 40 different types of oregano plants, oil of oregano is not to be confused with the cooking spice (Origanum Marjoram). Oil of oregano is steam distilled from the leaves of […]

His & Hers

  • 5 Biggest Infertility Myths Debunked
    December 17, 2014   // 0 Comments
          By Princess Gabbara If you’ve been trying to become pregnant for at least a year (six months in certain cases) without any success, or cannot carry pregnancy to full term, then there’s a strong chance that you could be struggling with fertility issues. With 10-15 percent of couples in the U.S. […]
  • 8 Surprising (And Scientifically Proven) Things That Lead To A La ...
    December 16, 2014   // 0 Comments
    By Amanda Scherker    -Huff Post Weddings Finding and keeping a lifelong love can feel like a crapshoot. No matter how madly in love you may be, maintaining a marriage is never easy. And while you may know that sex, trust and compassion are crucial to keeping the flame alive, you may not be clued […]

National News

  • Obama Talks About His Own Experience With Racial Profiling
    December 17, 2014   // 0 Comments
      By Paige Lavender   -Huff Post Black Voices The Obamas opened up about their experiences with racial profiling in an interview with People magazine that will hit newsstands Friday. “I think people forget that we’ve lived in the White House for six years,” Michelle Obama told the magazine. “Before that, Barack Obama was a black […]
  • 9 Absurd Justifications For Police Killings Of Unarmed Black Male ...
    December 16, 2014   // 0 Comments
      By Jessica Dickerson  -Huff Post Black Voices In recent weeks, protests have spread across America in response to multiple grand juries declining to indict police officers responsible for the deaths of unarmed black men. Those decisions have led to an outpouring of grief, anger and anxiety over a criminal justice system that seems to […]

Small Business

  • Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Personal Board of Directors
    December 17, 2014   // 0 Comments
    by Carolyn M. Brown Carl Dorvil grew up in Garland, Texas, the son of Haitian immigrants who instilled in their children the importance of education at an early age. With his parents’ influence, and having developed his own passion for education, he started a tutoring and mentoring company in 2004 called Group Excellence (GEX), […]
  • Rules to the Game: 3 Essential Caveats for Business Success
    December 16, 2014   // 0 Comments
    by Teri Harrison Growing up, we all had rules. We had necessary restrictions in place to keep us on track. Whether at home or at school, we knew there were certain things we should not do. But did you know there are rules in business too? Are you aware of the parameters that serve […]

World News

  • Obama Speaks On Relations With Cuba, Release Of Alan Gross
    December 17, 2014   // 0 Comments
      By Paige Lavender  & Sam Stein     -Huff Post Politics President Barack Obama spoke Wednesday on U.S. relations with Cuba, hours after American Alan Gross was released from a Cuban prison, where he’d been for five years. Gross was accompanied back to the U.S. by Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) and Sens. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and […]
  • The Object of Al Shabaab Terror: To Set Up a Caliphate in Kenya
    December 16, 2014   // 0 Comments
      George Kegoro   -Huff Post World Post NAIROBI — When, in September 2013, Al Shabaab terrorists occupied the Westgate Mall, an upmarket shopping center in Nairobi, taking captives, the Kenyan government did not follow up on witness claims that the terrorists had gone out of their way to identify Muslims captives, who were given […]