Public Safety Committee to take up FPC executive director appointment

July 27, 2015   // 0 Comments

  Ald Terry Witkowski, July 24, 2015 The Public Safety Committee will hold two public hearings on Wednesday, July 29 on the appointment of Assistant City Attorney MaryNell Regan to be the next executive director of the Fire and Police Commission. Wednesday’s Public Safety Committee sessions will begin at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., respectively, in the third floor Council Chamber at City ...

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  • John Legend to executive produce and score slave thriller TV seri ...
    July 29, 2015   // 0 Comments
      by Chris Witherspoon    – Oscar and Golden Globe winner John Legend has signed on to executive produce and score the soundtrack for the upcoming WGN America’s pulse-pounding slave thriller, Underground. Legend is joined by his Get Lifted partner Mike Jackson and Ty Stiklorius, who will oversee all musical aspects of the series. Underground is an […]
  • Tyrese says mainstream white radio is racist and won’t play his # ...
    July 28, 2015   // 0 Comments
      by Chris Witherspoon   – Tyrese has the #1 R&B song in the country but is furious that mainstream radio stations won’t play his hit track. The 36-year-old singer’s new album, Black Rose, is number one on Billboard’s R&B chart right now, but white music stations still aren’t playing his songs, including his new single […]


  • These Foods Make Your Stress & Anxiety WORSE
    July 29, 2015   // 0 Comments
      By M. Brooks – If you had the choice to feel like a light and colorfully vibrant fruit salad, or a heavy bowl of lifeless pasta, which would you choose? It may be cliche, but it really is true that you are what you eat. If you want to feel light, happy and full […]
  • 7 Snacks That Help You Burn Fat
    July 28, 2015   // 0 Comments
      By Chef D. Lawayne  – Not all snacks are created equal. Before you reach for that small bag of chips or candy as a little snack to “hold you over” check out these snacks that actually have been proven to turn your body into “burning fat mode”: 1. Frozen Peas & Corn – Frozen […]

His & Hers

  • 13 Small Things That Will Make A Man Love You Forever And Ever
    July 28, 2015   // 0 Comments
      By: John DeVore   –The Men are a mystery, like who built the pyramids? No one knows. What would happen if you got your man flowers or wrote him a love letter? No one knows. So don’t do it. (But men, if you’re reading this, please buy the woman in your life flowers and […]
  • 5 Very Good Reasons To Date An Older Woman
    July 27, 2015   // 0 Comments
    Yagana Shah  -The Huffington Post Forget the MILF stereotypes. There are plenty of solid reasons to date older women that have nothing to do with just how fabulous they look (although, they do). 1. She knows what she wants and she goes for it.  Over the decades, the older woman has walked down a variety […]

National News

  • #BlackLivesMatters Co-Founder ‘Mortified’ By O’Reilly ...
    July 29, 2015   // 0 Comments
      Taryn Finley  -Huff Post Black Voices Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday described the #BlackLivesMatter movement as an “anarchistic group” that wants “to tear down the country.” O’Reilly’s remarks are no far cry from his often offensive and controversial comments — but his latest segment left many activists beyond outraged. Among them was #BlackLivesMatter […]
  • Cop Charged With Murder Of Sam DuBose After Body Cam Footage Cont ...
    July 29, 2015   // 0 Comments
      By: Amelia McDonell-Parry   –TheFrisky Earlier today, University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing was charged with the murder of Sam DuBose, 43,  an unarmed Black man he shot in the head during a traffic stop. In the police report filed by one of the responding officers, Eric Weibel, Tensing claimed he was forced to discharge […]

Small Business

  • New Reality TV Pitch Competition For Entrepreneurs
    July 29, 2015   // 0 Comments
    By Carolyn M. Brown Having a business idea or product that resonates with potential investors is key to raising capital. With the success of the hit ABC series Shark Tank, more entrepreneurs are seeking creative ways to pitch  their business for seed money. The Final Pitch is the latest entry in world of reality […]
  • Angel Investors Forum Kicks Off In Washington, DC
    July 27, 2015   // 0 Comments
    By Carolyn M. Brown Posted July 21, 2015 – Angel financing continues to fill the gap in start-up capital between family, friends, and the business owner. There are more than 300,000 angels active in the country. Angel investors—private high net worth individuals—continue to provide the lion’s share of all seed funding compared to venture capitalists. The Center […]

World News

  • Obama Visits Ethiopia, Reminds Us We’re Part Of ‘Same Human ...
    July 29, 2015   // 0 Comments
    Kimberly Yam  -Huff Post Black Voices During President Obama’s historic trip to Africa, he had the opportunity to view one of our “ancestors” whose discovery was of huge significance to humankind. While at Ethiopia’s National Palace on Monday, POTUS met “Lucy,” the 3.2-million-year-old partial skeleton of a hominid — an early ancestor to humans, Reuters reported. While […]
  • China’s State Media Pour Scorn On Obama’s Africa Trip
    July 28, 2015   // 0 Comments
      Associated Press  via Huff Post World Post BEIJING (AP) — China’s state media are pouring cold water on President Barack Obama’s visit to Africa, saying U.S. attention to the continent is largely due to concern over China’s booming influence there. The Global Times newspaper said Monday that “offsetting China’s growing influence in this continent […]