Call goes out for economic boycott of Christmas!

November 24, 2015   // 0 Comments

  By Thomas E. Mitchell, Jr. In 1963 responding to the bombing of the 16th Street Church in Birmingham, Ala that took the lives of four Black girls, Dr. Martin Luther King called for a “redistribute the pain” campaign in response to the pain felt by Black America by withholding Black dollars with an economic boycott. In the last two years of his life, Dr. King again implored Black p...

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  • This Is Why Misty Copeland Embraces Being Labeled A Black Balleri ...
    November 28, 2015   // 0 Comments
      Rahel Gebreyes   -Huff Post Black Voices Misty Copeland is a black ballerina, and she doesn’t want you to call her anything different. The dancer, who was named the first black female principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre, sat down with HuffPost Live on Monday and explained why she proudly embraces being called a black […]
  • Uzo Aduba, Dascha Polanco, and Tituss Burgess Discuss the Diversi ...
    November 27, 2015   // 0 Comments
    by Courtney Connley    Posted: November 2, 2015   – As more television viewers ditch their cable service in exchange for Netflix and other online-streaming services, it’s clear that the power of non-network shows is bigger than ever before. Netflix hit series like Orange is the New Black, whose fourth season is set to premiere in […]


  • Is It Just A Mole Or Melanoma?
    November 27, 2015   // 0 Comments
    By Naomi MacKenzie Spots and dots, being a freckled-faced person I am no stranger to beauty marks, but understanding the difference between unique beauty features, and dangerous moles can be difficult, yet still important. Our bodies can have a strange way of expressing themselves, and often times (unbeknownst to us) moles are your bodies […]
  • How Having A Purpose In Life Impacts Your Brain — In A Big ...
    November 23, 2015   // 0 Comments
      Ashton Applewhite    -Huff Post 50 This post first appeared on We’ve known for quite a while that some people seem to escape cognitive decline well into their nineties and beyond. Intriguingly, the brains of these sharp older people often reveal the extensive abnormalities like the “plaques” and “tangles” seen in people with Alzheimer’s. […]

His & Hers

  • Do Pheromones in Perfume Really Work?
    November 27, 2015   // 0 Comments
      By Naomi MacKenzie              – If you are a lover of perfume, you may have noticed that more and more pheromone-infused fragrances are making their way to the shelves. They claim to make you more sexually attractive and promise to be your next favorite aphrodisiac. Well, it’s time to find out if this is […]
  • Erika Alexander: The Secret To Living The Not-So-Single Life
    November 24, 2015   // 0 Comments
    By Aria Ellise      – Actress Erika Alexander portrayed the role of a strong willed lawyer named Maxine Shaw on the FOX sitcom Living Single. She gained prominence after she made her appeared on Living Single for which is garnered positive reviews from critics for the role. She also won several awards for her work in […]

National News

  • Laquan McDonald video inspires viral conservative vlogger to leav ...
    November 28, 2015   // 0 Comments
      by Blue Telusma    – A 13-year old YouTuber who went viral due to his conservative videos criticizing President Obama is now admitting that his conscience is making him leave the Republican party. When the president invited Ahmed Mohamed to visit the White House after he was detained for bringing a homemade clock to school, Pearson posted a video asking, “When cops are gunned down, […]
  • Rahm Emanuel’s Learning What Happens When You Ignore Half Of The ...
    November 27, 2015   // 0 Comments
        Lydia O’Connor   -Huff Post Black Voices Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is facing mounting criticism from activists and allies of the black community who say he should be held accountable for delaying justice in the case of Laquan McDonald, a teenager who died 13 months ago after being shot 16 times by a Chicago […]

Small Business

  • How to Master Your ‘To Do’ List As a Solopreneur
    November 27, 2015   // 0 Comments
    by Kandia Johnson    Posted: November 23, 2015   – Sure, the word soloprenuer means you’re no stranger to juggling income producing activities, as well as marketing, sales, billing and client/customer demands—singlehandedly. But don’t be fooled, if you’re ready to grow your business and struggling with getting through your to-do list,  you’ll have to realize you can’t do […]
  • Tiannia Barnes, African American Owner & Designer of Luxury ...
    November 24, 2015   // 0 Comments New York, NY — Luxury women’s shoe designer Tiannia Barnes is implementing a new take on luxurious shoes by adding a touch of both comfort and style to the women’s luxury shoe market. Utilizing her entrepreneurial spirit and background in business, Barnes has created a line strongly targeted towards fashionably conscious women on […]

World News

  • Suicide Bomber Kills 21 At Religious Procession In Nigeria
    November 28, 2015   // 0 Comments
      By Julia Payne  of Reuters  via  Huff Post World Post A male suicide bomber hit a procession of Shi’ite Muslims in Nigeria’s Kano state as they walked to the city of Zaria to pay homage to their founder in the country, security sources and a Shi’ite leader said. Muhammad Turi said that 21 people […]
  • The Solar Entrepreneurs Emerging From Rural Kenya’s Cellpho ...
    November 24, 2015   // 0 Comments
      Charlotte Alfred  -Huff Post What’s Working Small Businesses Nkika Mtutua’s home in Kenya’s Maasai heartlands looks pretty similar to those of his neighbors. His earthy-colored, single-story house is built in a traditional style, known as a Manyatta, but it has many hidden powers. It has lighting. And a water tap. And a toilet. And a […]